I started observing social media closely. Facebook has been a multi-billion corporation just by selling facebook likes (through their advertisements). I decided to find out, what was the power of social media presence?

I started with a site that claimed to give great social media presence in a cheap price, . I really wanted to see what they could offer. I first chose to buy facebook likes from them, I was more then astonished to see their cheap price, 2$ for 1000 likes. I wanted to check their claim, also look at the market.

Yes, they did it, they didn’t even wait for second email. My facebook likes soared from 359 to more then 1500 likes in no time. I was able to score 359 on facebook board with very hard work and intensive marketing but they did it in no time. My labor for 359 views was more then the 2$ I paid for them. I was really amazed. I knew a friend who owns a tech company and he tried facebook advertisements. He spent 70$ in facebook, leading to next-to-nothing results. He had to pay per impression (amount of people who view that ad). Now who cares of advertisement huh? I guess we rarely look to the right side of our facebook, where there are advertisements. I guess I did the right thing, economic, relaiable and pretty fast.

Next, I decided to buy twitter followers from them . They had two offers, one termed as high quality twitter followers and other termed as normal buy twitter followers with a dollar difference between them making high quality worth 3$ per 1000 followers. I just couldn’t resist buying them, seeing what they had done with my facebook page. I clicked the add to cart button and ordered that too. Amazed again.

I had opened my twitter account before a year (or more) with just 280 followers, including my family, friends and people whom I didn’t knew. They increased my likes to 1300+ likes in no time! I was really amazed, very amazed.

A cousin of mine told me to view a YouTube video of something and told me that he needed some 700+ views to win his opponent. I saw the video, 32 views. Another chance to try them out! I went and ordered youtube views from USA for mere 5$. Buy youtube USA views was their claim. They delivered 2000 views! Why? They just send me 1k bonus views for being a regular customer.

I just feel that my 10$ was well spent, I became my cousin’s hero, made more followers in twitter and increased like in facebook. So buying social media presence, it is money well spent. Go and buy social media presence, it boosts your reputation, and for companies, they are your stairway to next level.

Personally I am a critic but Smm fox won my heart, with 1k extra views for me. I highly recommend them.

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